About SGA


These are exciting times for our University, and as we will continue to build upon our past accomplishments we encourage you to explore the many ways that each student can become a part of this progress.

SGA is dedicated to helping you reach your fullest potential during your time at UNCG. Members of our Spartan community are already recognized as scholars, athletes, and researchers who strive to be the best within their respective fields. While we are proud of these accomplishments, we also recognize the value of student opinions and comments that help us become a more inclusive, transparent, and prosperous University.

SGA is focused on improving the University experience for students by reforming and expanding upon the current services the Student Government provides. We feel there is more room for creative growth in the way SGA funds academic endeavors and we also believe that by supporting service initiatives we can help cultivate a philanthropic spirit on our campus. Our central goal is to serve you, the students.