Student Government

100th Session

You’re eager to join UNC Greensboro’s Student Government but don’t know if you would qualify? SGA recommends anyone with the grit to help continue cultivating UNC Greensboro into a campus for everyone through governance, advocacy, education, and service to apply for any position available.

Students can choose to serve in the Executive Departments, including our Executive Council and Executive Cabinets. SGA also has a Legislative Department that students can become apart of, this is where our Legislative Board resides. If you have a niche for digital editing and design, SGA has a PR Team we recommend you to check out. Students can also have the opportunity to run for our Senate Position.

If you are interested in a position or just want to get more information about UNC Greensboro’s Student Government Association, we host many events that are open to everyone. Some events we’ve hosted include: Spartan Cookouts, Weekly Senate Meetings, and Initiative weeks. We encourage students to come out to any event sponsored by SGA they see advertised around campus!