Student Government

101st Session

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch consists of the Student Attorney General and Student Advisors. The Judicial Branch works closely with the UNCG Student Government Association and the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities to ensure the policies, rulings, and legislations of both parties are accessible, oblige by, and delivered to the constituents of the University. Examples of these policies include maintaining academic integrity and good student conduct, in addition to the governing documents of SGA.

How can the Attorney General help you?
As a partnership with the award-winning UNCG CARES (Students Helping Students program), the Attorney General advocates for all UNCG students who are in distress in areas such as:

  • Dean of Students Office
  • Student Academic Services
  • Housing and Residence Life
  • Counseling and Testing Center
The Attorney General is also available to give presentations to increase student awareness on key policies and resources available to them.